worldtrip – our conclusion after 1.5 years

worldtrip – our conclusion after 1.5 years


Today, after 1.5 years, we can say from the bottom of our hearts that the journey around the world has changed our lives. It has shaped our view of certain things and touched something deep inside us.

We also could not be happier with the planning, the budget and the choice of the visited countries.

Our time in Patagonia was the perfect start to our worldtrip adventure! Jagged, snow-capped mountains, glistening blue glaciers, fields of blooming lupines, llamas, dusty pistes, friendly locals, and a sky as vast and endless as we could ever have imagined.

Patagonia blew us away and totally enchanted us. Patagonia has shown us that we were on the right track. That we had made the right choice. Patagonia has shown us all that we have been looking for so long. Loneliness. Seclusion. Freedom.

The trip through Italy and Scandinavia with our own small camper van was extremely instructive. Between deep fjords, reindeer, red houses and probably the best pizza in the world (keyword “Naples”), we have learned a lot about our camping preferences.

The 3 months in the US were … quite frankly, I do not know a word that could adequately describe that time. They were perfect. They were actually life changing. They were really formative.

These three months between California and Arizona, between all the canyons and deserts, the waterfalls and volcanic crater lakes, the glittering cities and lonesome steppes, those three months on a thin air mattress in a van were really special. In the US, we realized that this whole vanlife and road trip thing, well, was exactly OUR thing 😉

Our time in Australia was also really, really beautiful! Between all the beaches, waves, red deserts and dreamy little islands we fell in love with this very special laid back surfer vibe.

New Zealand was then the cherry on the cream. Mountains, glaciers, fireflies, beaches and lots of sheep. The small country on the other side of the world is just full of natural beauty.

All in all, our world tour took us to the most beautiful corners of the world and gave us so many unforgettable, breathtaking moments.

On this journey, we identified what was really important to us and what we wanted for our lifes.



A life outside the hamster wheel.

A life between dusty pistes and an endless sky.


This world trip was the best decision of our lives.













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