4WD Erg Chebbi bypass

4WD Erg Chebbi bypass


The 4WD Erg Chebbi bypass tour is perfect for every adventurer! This short tour along the eastern flank of the Erg Chebbi desert offers dream views of the golden sand dunes, the black, barren plains of the Hammada (stone desert) and the towering mountains of the Algerian border on the horizon.
Especially at sunset a magical sight! Then the dunes shine in red, orange and pink tones!

  • Distance: about 35 km
  • only possible for off-road vehicles
  • thanks to moving dunes difficult navigation (GPS of advantage)
  • Time required: 2-5 hours



The eastern bypass of the touristically developed Erg Chebbi is the „loneliest“ stretch of the entire area. But here, too, you will come across isolated desert camps, nomad dwellings and one or the other rattling quad.

You start either at the Auberge Nomad Palace in the south or the Auberge Sahara Garden in the north of the Erg. No matter which direction you follow the slopes that run along the eastern flank of the dunes.

Thanks to the many visitors and tours around the Erg Chebbi, there are a variety of different slopes that run along the eastern side of the dunes. They all run more or less parallel: those that run farther east – further away from the dunes – are rocky (they run through the Hammada). Here, the tire pressure should be increased. Those that run further west (on or directly on the dunes) are very, very sandy (read: deep, soft sand). Here the tire pressure should be reduced.

Sometimes the track runs alternately in the sand and on the bumpy ground of the stone desert. Here, the tire pressure should be constantly changing – which can be a bit annoying with time.



Of course you can also cross-country through or over the dunes – but you should know your skills and your vehicle very well.

You can also wild camp around and on the dunes. As always, „leave no trace!“ In all likelihood, a friendly nomad will eventually appear at your camp to sell you something.

In general, this is a nice short tour in the sand. If you want to get a taste of the Sahara fragrance, this is the place for you. Real desert drivers, however, I would suggest the tours in the southern Erg Chigaga.

Attention: everyone who drives this route should know each other well, their skills and their vehicle. The tour is sometimes very lonely – if you have a breakdown, you have to wait long for help! If you are unsure, you should do the tour in a group.
As it goes through the foothills of the Sahara, of course you should have enough water supplies with you. Because of the sandy slopes also take into account the increased fuel consumption!






The best tools for this tour are:

– Off-road navigation via LocusMap (chargeable)
– Offroad route directory of Wikiloc (fee required)















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