4WD tour from Boumalne to Bou Thrarar

4WD tour from Boumalne to Bou Thrarar


If you are looking for an adventurous, lonely, but not very fast alternative to the N10, you are in the right place in the rust-red mountain landscape between the Dades and the Amejgag Gorge. The 4WD tour from Boumalne to Bou Thrarar is a nice half day trip. 

Fantastic rock formations, wonderful mountain panoramas, bumpy, dry river valleys and a dusty piste that seems to lead right into the middle of nowhere.

  • Distance: around 15 km
  • Time required: approx. 2 hours
  • Due to the narrow pistes and narrow river valleys suitable only for smaller 4WD vehicles
  • The tour can also be driven in the opposite direction



From Boumalne to Bou Thrarar: the route

It starts in a small Berber village about 7 km north of Boumalne (coordinates: 31.4131931, -6.0041074). From here you turn onto a bumpy, narrow runway to the west. The next 15 km will take you through a barren, fantastic mountain landscape full of hoodoos, hills and rock formations that glow in all reds, oranges and pinks.
The track is narrow, bumpy and very, very lonely, but in good road conditions theoretically also with a regular car passable.



Parallel to the route described there are a variety of other possible slopes. Some of them lead over the hills, some of them follow narrow, rocky riverbeds, others lead through half a meter deep rivers in the middle. The best tool for orientation is the Locus Map.

The tour ends in the Berber village Bou Thrarar (coordinates: 31.3902211, -6.1225230).
From here you can continue north into the enchanting little Berber village of Amejgag and explore the spectacular Amejgag gorge or tackle the 3 passes over the High Atlas.


The best tools for the 4WD tour from Boumalne to Bou Thrarar are:
– off-road navigation via LocusMap (chargeable)
– off-road route directory of Wikiloc (fee required)

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