4WD tour from Dades to Todra gorge

4WD tour from Dades to Todra gorge


The spectacular 4WD tour from the Dades to the Todra gorge, from Msemrir to Tamtattouchte, leads through a beautiful mountain landscape and makes great demands on the driver and the vehicle. The rocky track from the stunning Dades Gorge, with its spectacular hairpin bends, to the towering cliffs of the Todra Gorge is one of Morocco’s classic off-road slopes.

  • Distance: about 40 km
  • Time required: approx. 5 hours, depending on the road conditions
  • Only suitable for 4WD vehicles with high ground clearance 
  • Depending on the road conditions difficult navigation, GPS advantageous
  • The route can also be driven in the opposite direction
  • At the moment (as of December 2018) the track is in horrible condition and partly quite dangerous! Therefore at the moment only conditionally recommendable.



4WD tour from the Dades to Todra gorge: the route

The start is in the small Berber village of Msemrir at the end of the Dades Gorge. North of the village turn right onto a gravel road that soon leads across a wide, very stony riverbed. About 12 km you must follow the river bed that branches off to the right into the mountains – the navigation can be extremely difficult and nerve-wracking depending on the road conditions along the entire route! There are a multitude of possible slopes through the scattered stone chunks, which then abruptly break off again. Here is an off-road vehicle with high ground clearance, experience and patience a must (because of the pointed, large stones possibly reinforced tires of advantage).

After about 12 km, the piste gradually increases a bit and leaves the stony riverbed. After 15 km you have reached the pass (2.600m). Here you can enjoy majestic views over the valleys.



From here, the track follows down into a very picturesque valley with rolling hills and colored rock strata. It can be seen that the runway was recreated not too long ago – but is now in a miserable condition! The slope is rather loamy (possibly impassable in case of rain), partly oblique, very narrow and often completely broken – in any case, it is currently only for motorcycles (Cross) or smaller off-road vehicles with great ground clearance feasible (no big Expeditons trucks).

Once in the valley, the track follows a wide, stony riverbed. Since about half of the slope along the riverbed is completely broken off, you have to dodge the Qued. There are several possible tracks – navigation can be difficult.



From kilometer 25 the track is slightly better, leaves the riverbed and climbs up the mountain. Depending on the season here you can encounter isolated nomads. Before reaching the next pass (2.160m) at kilometer 32, you pass a large ledge under which nomads have made themselves comfortable.

The descent is quite bumpy, but offers fabulous views of the wide valley of Tamtattouchte with its rolling hills.

After about 40 km you reach the small village Tamtattouchte. From there you can continue to the breathtaking Todra Gorge.

Attention: since the track is in a miserable condition (as of December 2018) I can recommend the tour, despite the magnificent views, for 4WD vehicles only conditionally. For motocross riders the tour is certainly a dream.



The best tools for this tour are:

German Travel Guide by Edith Kohlbach „Reisehandbuch Marokko“. The book describes the route as „Tour G12“. Here you will also find very useful coordinates.




– Off-road navigation via LocusMap (chargeable)
– Offroad route directory of Wikiloc (fee required)













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