about us

about us


Hi, we are Valeria & Lukas!

Welcome to our blog! For several years we have been traveling all over the world and we love adventurous road trips.

From the steppes of Patagonia to the windswept North Cape, from the endless expanses of the Australian outback to the red canyons in Utah, from the lonely bays of Albania to the deserts of Morocco. We love secluded places and dreamy landscapes. We love to travel. We love the freedom. And an endless horizon…

Our blog is all about the topics: ROADTRIP / VANLIFE / OVERLANDING & the most beautiful destinations in the world.

This blog is intended to be a platform for all those who are looking for a real adventure. For everyone who wants to leave the beaten path for once. This blog should inspire you to think outside the box. It should bring you closer to foreign cultures, it should eliminate prejudices and above all it should show you the beauty of our planet. 



Valeria, 30. Travel junkie, kitchen fairy, sports grouch. Favorite hobby: reading a travel guide. Biggest weakness: Thai curry. Favorite place: the white dunes of White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.


Lukas, 30, off-road junkie, late riser, photographer. Favorite hobby: screwing on cars. Biggest weakness: chocolate. Favorite place: the stone arches of Arches National Park, Utah.


Moose, 31. Toyota Hilux, home on four wheels. Biggest weakness: 15W40 engine oil. Favorite place: not the autobahn. You can find out more about Moose here!











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