Albanian riviera

Albanian riviera


Crystal clear, turquoise shining water, white gravel, gentle waves. Nostalgic stone houses nestle against the secluded bays and rugged cliffs of the Albanian Riviera.
A picture-book scenery. A dream destination that could compete in terms of beauty with all the Mediterranean coastlines. And yet tourism is still in its infancy here – as everywhere else in Albania.



The wonderful Albanian Riviera stretches from the small village of Paláse to the town of Sarande and the dream beaches around Ksamil in the extreme south of the country.
The Albania’s Riviera is probably the quietest Riviera in the entire Mediterranean, except in July and August. Visitors who opt for the off-season will have the entire coast literally to themselves (however, most tourist facilities such as restaurants and beach cafes are still closed).



From the small village of Paláse to the south, there is one beautiful bay to the next. Most of the small, picturesque villages on the coast offer their guests a few new hotels and restaurants. But mass tourism is still decades away!

Many dream bays are (still) completely lonely. No sunbeds, no cafes, no beach promenades. Only white gravel and this incredibly clear water! A dream come true for campers! Because here you can pitch your tent (still) undisturbed on any lonely bay or drive directly to the beach with the van – if the road conditions permit (some of the most beautiful bays are only accessible by 4×4 vehicles). Of course, as always: leave nothing behind but footprints!



Here we have collected our highlights on the Albanian Riviera for you. But beware: if you do not want to fall in love with Albania, you should stop reading here ?


Jule (Jale)

In the south of the small fishing village Jule stretches a fabulously beautiful, curved bay with bright white gravel and crystal clear water. There are no facilities here – even in high season. At the bay you can swim, snorkel and sunbathe completely undisturbed. Travelers with a suitable vehicle or tent can also camp here wildly.

Around 3 minutes away from here you come to another, small, framed by rugged cliffs bay. Fine gravel, gentle waves and incredibly clear water! Most of the time you will be completely alone here – unless a few curious goats come by 😉 



The first bay can be reached on foot or by a cross-country vehicle (with high ground clearance) from Jule. The road is not paved and rocky, but feasible for suitable cars. There is enough space for parking at the bay itself. (Coordinates: 40.1134641, 19.7109234)

The second bay can also be approached from Jule or from the south coming from Livadhi. However, the road to get there is in a worse condition and very narrow (all-wheel drive and high ground clearance required). There is also limited parking above the second bay. The best way to go to the second, smaller cove is to walk from the first to the second bay and then following the narrow, rocky path down to the beach. (Coordinates: 40.1128607, 19.7121358)





Dazzling white, fine sand, green islets and bright blue water, so clear that it almost hurts – Welcome to paradise – Welcome to Ksamil!
Here he is, the place to fall in love with this country. The place that one wishes to have heard much earlier. The place you would never want to never leave again.



The beach of Ksamil is the most beautiful in the country. This has not been a secret among Albanian travelers for a long time. That’s why most hotels and restaurants in the Albanian Riviera have settled in Ksamil, just a few kilometers from the Greek border. But do not worry, the mass tourism is (still) limited and who passes in the off season, will have the entire dream beach to itself! ?



The beach of Ksamil is dominated, unlike in other Albanian coastal towns, by the restaurants on the beach. They have settled on the most beautiful parts of the beach and provide their guests beach chairs and umbrellas. But there is no obligation to rent – even non-guests can walk undisturbed to the beach.
Off the coast, two green islets jut out of the clear waters, waiting to be explored. On the beach you can rent pedal boats and kayaks.













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