around Lake Shkodra

around Lake Shkodra


A lake as big as Lake Constance – but without pedal boats, sailors or swimmers. Surrounded by an incredibly beautiful mountain world, the huge Shkodra Lake offers a (still) completely intact natural landscape. With an area of approximately 550km² it is habitat for numerous animals.

But not only the lake itself is worth a visit, also its surrounding hills and mountains. Countless tracks criss-cross the fertile, isolated valleys. Especially for adventurous Enduro or truck drivers a real paradise! A true hidden gem of Albania



Our favorite piste:

the secluded slopes in and around the Kir valley in the northeast of the Shkodra lake and their dream views of the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings!

Follow the spiked road to Drisht (branches off to the east on the beautiful Mes Bridge (Ura e Mesit) south of Boks). After a few kilometers, it turns into a rocky track and winds its way higher and higher through the lush green hilly landscape. After about 7 extremely bumpy, tough kilometers you reach a beautiful vantage point (coordinates 42.1159655, 19.6465162).

Jagged, snow-capped mountains, rolling green hills, the huge Shkodra Lake and the rugged Koman Lake with its islets glitter on the horizon. You can hear nothing except the chirping of birds and maybe the bells of a roving goat herd. When the evening sun sets the scene in a warm pink, it is here – the moment to fall in love with this land.

The viewpoint also offers enough space for wild camping (it is undisturbed, rarely does a curious, friendly shepherd come by, the people here are not used to tourists, but are extremely friendly).

In order to get to the viewpoint, you do not necessarily need a four-wheel drive vehicle, but great ground clearance is needed. The track is very rocky and bumpy, the driving hard – but it’s worth it!













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