desert of Tunisia

desert of Tunisia


Sun. Sand. And silence. That is the desert of Tunisia. An endless golden sea of ​​dunes shaped by the wind. The so-called Grand Erg Oriental, the great eastern Erg (sand sea), is one of the highlights of Tunisia’s landscape.

Every visitor should have stood on one of the large dunes and looked over the immense sea of ​​sand – a magical moment that will not be forgotten so quickly.



The Grand Erg Oriental is the largest contiguous sandy sea in the Sahara. It extends over large parts of Algeria and the south of Tunisia.

For travelers without desert experience and equipment, the area around the town of Douz and the desert oasis Ksar Ghilane is particularly interesting. There are normal, paved roads and there are many guided tours in the desert.

If you are adventurous and have some desert experience and the appropriate equipment (own off-road vehicle/motorcycle), you can of course also explore the depths of the desert – you can go for example to the Jebel National Park, Tembaine or El Mida.








Here we would like to introduce you to 3 of our most beautiful tours through the desert of Tunisia. They have different levels of difficulty and all start in Douz – the gateway to the desert.

For all of the 3 tours, you first start in Douz and leave the city heading south (coordinates: 33.4190592, 9.0120553). Follow the road south/southeast to the Café du Parc, which is a popular stop for desert drivers (33 ° 08’54.6 „N 9 ° 09’31.8“ E).

(Warning: the road to the Café du Parc is currently being paved and expanded – as of December 2019. Some sections have already been completed, others are still under construction. The evasive tracks can be very, very sandy.)
















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