about us

about us


Hi, we are Valeria & Lukas from Italy 🙂

Welcome to our blog!

Whether on an exciting road trip through Iceland, island hopping through the Andaman Sea or a relaxing beach holiday in the Caribbean – we love traveling. And this incessant wanderlust. And the freedom.

For some years now we have been traveling all over the world. Especially adventurous road trips have done to us. From the steppes of Patagonia to the wind-swept North Cape, from the vast expanses of the Australian outback to the red canyons of Utah, from the secluded bays of Albania to the deserts of Morocco. We love secluded places and beautiful landscapes. And an infinite horizon …

Here you will learn everything about the topics: roadtrip, vanlife, world trip and the most beautiful destinations.

And who knows, maybe one or the other story from our blog will inspire you to set out and find your own personal paradise out there somewhere.

The only thing anyone can ever take back is memories. They are forever … so, invest in memories …
xoxo, Valeria & Lukas












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