As I stroll along the airport in Sydney, past the gates that lead in all directions, I see what I want. I want to travel. Jet lag and sea, from airport to airport, through the waiting halls, preferably in the farthest corners of the earth. Africa, Colombia, Tierra del Fuego. And in the middle into adventures that go deeper than ordinary scratches … Maybe I also want to find something completely different, something that I’m not even looking for, that is waiting somewhere further back. But for that I need the whole world. “, wrote Andreas Brendt in his book” Boarderlines “. I LOVE this book!

These lines bring everything to the point. They are the quintessence of a very special feeling that not everyone feels … or understands. This unstoppable urge to get on a plane – this incessant wanderlust – has been bothering me all my life. Even if I am in the middle of a journey, I am already making plans for the next destination in my head. Do you know what I mean?

For many years now I have been traveling around the world – as much as possible – as far as possible. But besides school or work, this is not always so easy. Sometimes time is not enough. Sometimes the money is not enough.

And then … then it’s finally time.

Lukas and I plunged into a new adventure – a world trip. A world tour that took us through 4 continents for 10 months and changed our lives forever.
Here you will learn everything about our planning, the costs, the route and our conclusion after 1.5 years. There are also many tips for budget planning your own world trip 🙂











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