Fès Must Sees

Fès Must Sees


Fès and its Must Sees abound with cultural highlights and sights. Palaces, gardens and lively souks. Many of the attractions are within walking distance, others are a bit out of the way. It is best to take 2 days and immerse yourself in a colorful, chaotic world of rugs, leather slippers and donkey carts.



Fès and its Must Sees


Fè’s main attraction is his endless, crowded market streets. Here you can find everything your heart desires – from Persian carpets to brass lamps. The medina of Fez and its winding streets and dead ends can be very confusing. Sooner or later you will get lost here – but that is probably one of the ultimate Fès experience with it. It’s best to stick to the two main shopping streets, the Talaa Kebira and the Talaa Seghira.

Tip: Google Maps and the friendly shopkeepers are the best guides.

A great souk in the medina are the food stands east of the Bab Bou Jeloud (near the Café Clock). There are live chickens, olives, fresh fish and stray kittens.



The Chaouwara – tanneries

The famous Chaouwara tanneries are probably one of the absolut Must Sees of Fès. They are the biggest tourist magnets of the medina and really worth seeing. Here you get a great impression of how high-quality leather is made – with methods that have hardly changed since the Middle Ages.

In the innumerable vats, which are filled with different colored liquids, eagerly „stirred around“ with bare hands – an absolutely captivating sight and great photo motive.

For the visitors there are numerous observation terraces at the surrounding houses, from which you can enjoy a great view of the tanneries (the best is by the way with door no.10). Resourceful businessmen have of course built crammed leather goods shops in the buildings around the tanneries. You have to go through them to get to the terraces. There is literally everything that could be made of leather: jackets, bags, shoes, poufs – in all shapes, colors and sizes. The selection is really incredible (nowhere else in Morocco is it bigger)!



Before our trip, we heard and read about the horror stories of these leather goods shops and their urgent salespeople – which we can NOT confirm!
The view from the terraces is free. Of course, the shopkeepers would like to sell something, but tourists who really show no interest in the things are actually largely left in peace. Maybe you will be asked for a small tip.

By the way: the tanning process is relatively odor-intensive. The shopkeepers provide all visitors with fresh mint sprigs, which you can hold against the smell in front of your nose. (During our visit, the smell was not that bad.)



Medersa el Attarine

By chance, we were suddenly in front of this beautiful Koran school in the medina of Fez.

It was built around 1924 and was in operation until the 20th century.

The large, airy courtyard with fountains is littered with beautiful mosaics and filigree wood ornaments – a really great place!

Admission is around € 2 per person.



The royal palace

The Royal Palace or its breathtaking entrance portal in the new town of Fès is worth a visit. The palace itself is not open to the public. Visitors can admire the massive, ornate brass doors on the Place des Alaouites. A truly gigantic sight and a great photo opportunity!

Astonishingly, there is very, very little rush here.

By the way: the view on the entrance portal of the royal palace is free of charge ?



Viewpoint at the Merenid tombs

This beautiful lookout point in the north of the city is right by the crumbling Merenid tombs and their ruins. It offers true dream views of the entire medina, the sea of houses, the surrounding hills and the snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas mountain range on the horizon.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, here is right – because here is very little going on.

Tip for travelers with their own vehicle: theoretically you can go all the way up to the ruins on the hill (the locals do too). Maybe there is someone who asks for a small „parking fee“, maybe not.

















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