Marrakech Must Sees

Marrakech Must Sees


The Must Sees of Marrakech, the old town, the colorful markets, the palaces and gardens are some of Morocco’s most fascinating sights. 
Most of the famous attractions can be found within the medina. The world-famous old town with its labyrinth of winding alleyways is a UNESCO World Heritage and exudes real 1001 night flair.



Explore the Must Sees of Marrakech:

Jeema El-Fna

The Jeema El-Fna is the place to be – the central main square in the medina. This place is extraordinary to say the least and absolutely fascinating.

A chaotic, loud, little world of jugglers, fortune tellers, food stalls, henna women, donkey carts, snake charmers and hawkers. A visit to the Jeema El-Fna is sometimes a bit exhausting, but unforgettable – especially in the evening.

It is best to take some time to stroll around the whole square. You should sit down in one of the chic cafes, drink mint tea and let the action take over – it will certainly not be boring here! There are also numerous airy roof terraces, from which one has the events, the dream view of the snow-capped mountains on the horizon and the 70m high minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque even better in view.

Tip: visit the Jeema El-Fna at different times of the day. In the morning, there is a completely different atmosphere than in the evening. In the morning it’s more leisurely – but the traffic is more chaotic.
In the evening is the most going on. Then open the numerous, inexpensive food stalls. They and the trainers of all the exotic animals vie for the favor of the visitors.




The souks are probably the most fascinating Must See of Marrakech . They are one of the most beautiful sight of the city and for many tourists the epitome of Morocco. In the countless winding streets of the medina thousands of small shops are close to each other. From colorful, hand-woven rugs to filigree brass lamps, from carvings to colorful leather slippers, poufs, baskets, ceramics, blankets – every interior heart beats faster!

Nowhere else in Morocco is the offer bigger and of higher quality. If you find something here that you really like, you should buy it – even if the prices can be a bit higher.

The souks of Marrakech are Africa’s largest market and a true shopaholic paradise. Tip: If you like to go shopping, you should arrive in Marrakech with a half-empty suitcase, so that enough space remains for all the beautiful souvenirs ?



In general, the closer the main square Jeema El-Fna is (and thus the largest number of visitors), the higher the prices. The most visited market streets are the souk Semmarine and the souk el Kebir north of the main square – here you will find next to beautiful arts and crafts unfortunately also a lot of junk.

Really nice shops can be found on the Place des epices (the „square of spices“). There are lots of great wickerwork (lamps, bags, hats …) and of course spices!

Another wonderful souk is the souk Sebbaghine (or souk of the teinturier) – the market of dyers. Big balls of colorful wool are hanging on the walls here and they look really fantastic. It is a bit out of the way and is quite hard to find, so it is nice and quiet here. Friendly vendors tell you the dyeing process and tie up a traditional turban. But remember: they are, like all Moroccan sellers, capable businessmen and masters of the art of selling.



Jardin Majorelle

This spacious, botany garden just outside the medina is world-famous and very, very popular with tourists – so it can be full.
The fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé bought the former, neon blue villa of the painter Majorelle in 1980 and transformed it and the associated garden into a fascinating, 4,000 m² hideout in the middle of the city.

There are also two museums that can be visited: the Musée Berbère and the YSL Museum.

The entrance fee for the garden is about 7 € pp. (including museums it is about twice as much).




Bahia Palace

This palace southeast of Jeema El-Fna is one of the most impressive in Morocco and one of Marrakech’s top attractions.
Within the vast grounds, one can admire several luxurious riads with framed glass windows, elaborate inlays, cedar wood ceilings, mosaics and shady courtyards.

If you want to escape the biggest hype, visit the palace early in the morning.

Admission is around 10 € pp.













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