explore Paradise Valley

explore Paradise Valley


Let’s explore the beautiful Paradise Valley! The attraction is a popular day trip from Agadir. Here, in a spectacular gorge covered in palm trees, you can splash in the natural pools and relax on red rocks. The perfect hideout on hot summer days!

Explore the Paradise Valley and its swimming pools:

For thousands of years, the river in the Paradise Valley has dug holes round the rock, which, depending on the water level, fill up once more, once less with clear, cool water and today offer really picturesque bathing spots and small rock slides.

Of course, there are also all kinds of simple cafés and restaurants where you can fortify yourself right on the riverbank – some even offer tables in the water.




Getting there:

From Agadir there are about 50 km of winding roads through the so-called „Vallée du Paradis„. At many small stalls along the road honey (the best in Morocco), argan and olive oil are sold. The Paradise Valley is located at about 250km from Marrakech.

The gorge with the bathing areas and palm trees can be reached via a beautiful hiking trail in about 10 minutes from the (paid) parking lot. You pass numerous small restaurants and cafés. In the gorge itself, a narrow path leads along the rocky riverbank. Here you can climb down to the individual pools.


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