photo equipment

photo equipment


In this article we would like to introduce you to our photo equipment and all the small and large gadgets that we have trusted in for years and that we would never want to do without again.

Our photo equipment is professional, diverse and has accompanied us on our travels around the world for years.

Of course, a hobby photographer does not need 5 different lenses, but should limit himself to a good zoom lens and a good camera. Who does not want to spend so much money or should think about a powerful bridge camera (= a mixture of SLR and compact camera).



camera & lenses:


2x Canon 6D

In use for ages. Very reliable and good value for money.





Canon 24-105mm F3.5-5.6 IS STM

Our allrounder – always at hand. This lens would be our recommendation if you would like to buy only one.






Canon 50mm F1.4

For classic bokeh pictures. Really good value for money.





Canon 70-200mm F4.0

Really light, but potent tele lens – ideal for hiking. (We have the older, cheaper model without image stabilizer.)




Sigma 150-600mm contemporary

First class tele zoom lens! For unique, professional landscape photography.





Canon Extender 2x III

Doubles the focal length for even more zoom. Works with all EOS lenses. We often use it with the 150-600mm lens (that gives us 1200mm).







Nikon 14-24mm F2.8

Excellent performance! Really good for night shots. 






Nikon to Canon adapter

Necessary if you want to add a Nikon lens to a Canon camera. With this adapter you can also regulate the aperture.







camera belt 

Stylish and inconspicuous.









Manfrotto Alu tripod

(with foldable center column) Old indestructible tank 😉







Cullmann Nanomax 400T

Lighter, smaller tank for hiking 😉  






tripod head 

Really robust. (We have them on both tripods)







tripod head-quick change plate

Saves time! We have them on both cameras and on the big tele lens.






DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

In use for ages. We’re really satisfied with this drone.





drone case

Ideal to protect the sensitive drone. With the small drone case you can not only transport it safely in a photo backpack, but also in all other bags, backpacks etc.






ND filter for Dji Mavic Pro

Required if you want to take pictures during the day (with the ND filters you can also see the shadow of the propellers in the picture). The filters are also available original from Dji – for a much higher price.








GoPro Hero 5

In use for years! Perfect for outdoor sports enthusiasts and for photo shoots close to/in the water.






additional kit

With a lot of clever gadgets for the gopro.






additional photo equipment:



lens cleaning set

Duty for every passionate photographer!





sensor cleaning set

Just as important as the lens cleaning set!




remote timer

Perfect for long exposure, time lapse or extreme telephoto.





ND filter

Necessary for long exposure during the day or during twilight. There are adapter rings with which the ND filter can be mounted on lenses of different sizes.





Polar filter

Useful gadget for reflections in the water.







lens heater

Prevents fogging of the lens in cold and wet areas.





external energy supply for camera

To supply the camera with power for a very long time (e.g. for time lapse night shots).






additional battery pack with USB

Full batteries always and everywhere! The batteries can also be charged via a power bank or a solar cell.






Mobile power source! (Can also be charged via solar panels or the car.)






rain cover

Useful for rainy weather or taking photos close to waterfalls.





Smartphone lenses

Different lenses for different situations (wide angle, zoom, telephoto …)








360° Timelapse

Allows cool time lapse recordings with GoPro, smartphone or small digital cameras. 






12 Volt to 230 Volt adapter

Ideal for charging devices with 230Volt in the vehicle (e.g. original camera chargers, laptop chargers etc.)






Lowepro camera backpack

Lowepro offers a large selection of different photo backpacks. This backpack (45l) has the maximum size to be considered hand luggage on an airplane. We also have a smaller second photo backpack (20l) from Lowepro, which we like to use on hikes.







SD cards

The memory cards from Sandisk are in use for ages!







hard drives

To save the photos. Tip: a backup is extremely important – and preferably double and triple! (We personally have seen several times that hard disks break when traveling and therefore have a triple backup of our photos.)






SD card holder

Great to keep order.









SD card reader

Fast card reader. (Here, too, we always have 2 with us to be prepared for any defects.)






Laptop Dell XPS 13

In use for a long time. Small, light, powerful, good display. Very good for professional photo editing on the go.





Notebook Asus E200H

Super affordable, small notebook. Perfect as a backup, for backing up and organizing photos. 













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