Sened en

Sened en


The berber village of Sened and its beautiful surroundings in the heart of Tunisia are truly spectacular! Olive groves, table mountains, dream panoramas and narrow gorges. If you have time, you should definitely stop by here!

If you drive from Kairouan in the direction of Tozeur, just before Gafsa turn left from road number 3. A lonely country road leads first to Sened Gare and then through wide olive groves and beautiful mountain landscapes to Sened. The road is mostly narrow and winding, but asphalted through and through and can be driven by any vehicle. At numerous points on the mountain road there are incredible panoramic views over the valleys and table mountains.

At coordinates 34.425245, 9.236342 there is a breathtakingly beautiful, flat area for camping (there is space for several large vehicles).



After you have reached the highest point, the road winds down into the valley in numerous curves – there is the small Berber village of Sened.
The village itself looks like any other in Tunisia. Children play on the streets, men sit together in the shade, goats graze around the entrances. Life here is hard, but peaceful.



Sened and its surrounding: the spectacular Gorge de Oued Hayfa

If you leave the village, should you turn left onto the small street in the direction of Gorge de Oued Hayfa branch. It actually leads straight through a canyon! With a few hundred meters it is not particularly long, but with an estimated 2.2m width it is really, really narrow! The passage is a little adventure! (coordinates: 34.369511, 9.214225)

Warning: only relatively small vehicles fit through the canyon (normal cars, narrow SUVs). A truck can NOT fit through it!



Once you have overcome the canyon, you can follow road number 124 to Gafsa. It leads past the beautiful Parc National de Jebel Orbata and offers great views of the mountains.

 Attention: during our visit in December 2019 we were stopped by the Garde Nationale in El Guettar and escorted to Gafsa „for our safety“. From there we were allowed to follow the road to Tozeur alone, but were instructed not to leave the main route at any time. We cannot assess whether there is an increased security risk in this region.












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