Sidi Bou Said en

Sidi Bou Said en


Let explore Sidi Bou Said! The former fishing village, just a few kilometers from the metropolis of Tunis, captivates with its charming Mediterranean flair.

All houses of the little Sidi Bou Said shine in bright white and blue. The small town enchants every vacationer like a beautiful mix of Greece and Morocco. The beautiful pedestrian streets are full of souvenir and craft shops, small cafés and nice restaurants.



There are many standard souvenirs in the shops, but also lots of small treasures. Above all, the small, knotted, colorful carpets with graphic patterns and the breathtakingly beautiful ceramic works (plates, bowls, etc.) are perfect souvenirs.



In recent years, Sidi Bou Said has experienced a real boom (and thanks to Instagram this won’t stop in the near future!). The sellers are now used to the tourist flow and a few of them are a bit pushy – but they are still far from being as annoying as, for example the vendors in the medina of Marrakech. As always: haggle, haggle, haggle! Except in the few shops with fixed prices, you should try to negotiate about half or 3/4 of the original price. If the seller persists, suggest going away – sometimes this works like a miracle 🙂   



Our favorite shop in Sidi Bou Said was the small shop on Rue Sidi Boufares (coordinates: 36 ° 52’16.3 ″ N 10 ° 20’52.8 ″ E). There are fixed prices and an overwhelming selection of beautiful ceramic works for every budget.

You can also park very centrally at the large car park in Rue Sidi Azizi to explore Sidi Bou Said. Costs 4 dirhams for the whole day.






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