Chenini en

Chenini en


The small mountain village of Chenini, around 20km west of Tataouine, is truly a beauty and one of the hidden gems of Tunisia! It drones like a crown on the top of a small mountain, below it a deeply incised canyon and small, green palm groves.

Chenini’s houses seem to cling to the slope. They consist of caves dug side by side in the mountain. Most have crumbled and deserted, only the mosque shines in dazzling white.




A leisurely stroll through the winding streets of Chenini is like jumping into the past. The best thing is to sit on the roof terrace of the small café next to the mosque, enjoy a sweet mint tea, let your gaze wander over the barren canyon landscape and listen to the calls of the muezzin – an absolute goosebumps moment!



Not many tourists are visiting Chenini yet – but that will change very soon given the picturesque location of the village. There is only one cute, little souvenir shop, one café and a handful of friendly guides who guide guests through the streets for a small tip. If you want, you can also explore the sight on your own.


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