Todra gorge

Todra gorge


Likewise, the breathtaking Todra Gorge is described in the guidebooks – and, frankly, there are no more fitting words for the gorge. Towering rock walls, a river that eats its way through the fascinating mountains and a narrow road that leads through the middle.

The Todra Gorge, together with its neighbor the Dades Gorge, is one of the highlights in the heart of Morocco and should not be missing on any itinerary.

„Even the journey is so exciting, as if the sky doors are closed in front of you.“ (Lonely Planet)

The Todra Gorge can be easily navigated by a normal car. The ride leads through a beautiful oasis of palm trees. The „most beautiful“ bottleneck of the gorge is already 15 km north of the village of Tinerhir. The passage is only about 10m wide and is framed by 300m high rock walls. Thanks to an increase in visitor numbers, a large number of dealers have established themselves at the bottlenecks in recent years. Also all coaches stop here – accordingly it can be full and bustling.

Adventurous travelers in their own 4WD vehicle can drive over a bumpy mountain slope from the Todra to the Dades Gorge. Here you can find out more about the spectacular 4WD tour!















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