Zagora en

Zagora en


Let’s explore Zagora! Palm groves, golden dunes and lots of outdoor fun – for travelers Zagora is the last great outpost before it goes into the infinite Sahara … and into new adventures.

„Zagora’s fame as a desert post remains immortal.“ (Lonely Planet)

Despite new hotels, supermarkets and ATMs you can still feel this very special flair of the old caravan city. In Zagora live incredible 36,000 people – but the city looks more like a large village with its large palm trees. Shops full of colorful scarves and green pottery, cafes where desert drivers meet, auto garages full of off-road vehicles and a variety of really great, unique hotels and riads.

Here you can also find several drawings of the original cult sign „Timbouctou, 52 jours“ – they were drawn on several walls of houses in the palm grove – a nice photo motive! (you can find one wall next to the Kasbah Sirocco directly on the street)



Explore Zagora and its near deserts:

Many visitors come to Zagora to take a trip to the desert and to the great Erg Chigaga desert – even if it is still around 100km away. Countless tours are offered – by off-road vehicle or camel, one or more days …

Attention: choosing a tour, you should pay attention to the actual „goal“. Near Zagora, there is not only the large sand sea of ​​Erg Chigaga, but also small dune fields, like that at Tinfou. The golden dunes of Tinfou are more of a „sandbox“ compared to the Erg Chigaga – but the tours are cheaper and take less time.

Zagora, like Merzouga near the great Erg Chebbi desert, is one of the meeting places for desert riders and off-roaders. Here true odysees and adventure trips through the endless Sahara desert begin or end. Especially when one of the numerous rallies that lead through Zagora take place, the city bursts at the seams with all-terrain vehicles. A great place for those with Diesel in their blood 🙂

The many local mechanic workshops have now adapted to the desert driver – nowhere else in Morocco will you find such a density and specialized workshops for off-roaders!

Anyone coming to Zagora on their own off-road vehicle will be approached by one (or ten) mechanic(s). The mechanics here are specialized and work really well. But beware: as every Moroccan, they are smart businessmen. They will propably try to sell things you don’t really need. A little caution and skepticism is also required.



Our recommendation in Zagora: Riad Dar Sofian

Located in the middle of a large palm grove just off Zagora’s main avenues, this riad boasts tasteful, traditional decor, friendly staff and a wealth of true art treasures scattered around the house.

The breakfast, which is served by the pool or in the restaurant, is incredibly diverse and delicious. Between crepes, bread rolls, croissants, fruits, egg dishes and about 20 different marmelades, oils and spreads, every gourmet’s heart beats faster. My favorites: pear almond and cinnamon-walnut jam!



But the real trump card of the riad is its outdoor area and pool! Especially on hot summer days, this is the perfect place to relax – a cool hideout in the dry desert.

Around the large pool there are a variety of shady palm trees, sun loungers and swings. And while you doze comfortably in the hammock between blooming oleander, listening to the twittering birds and the rustling of the palm trees, you feel like you’re in an oasis of 1001 nights – just fantastic!

We can only recommend the Riad Dar Sofian and can hardly wait for our next stay there!


Click here for the riad’s website!

Riad Dar Sofian, Route Nakhla BP 78, Zagora 45900, Morocco













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