We worked on it for a long time and now the time has finally come! Our first own presets are online!

Would you like to „pimp“ the photos on your blog, your Instagram feed or in your photo album? Then these presets are just for you!



Our AROUND THE WORLD PRESET BUNDLE contains 8 presets (desktop & mobile) for every occasion – but above all they were designed for landscape and drone shots. The photo filters are designed to help you edit your photos.

But don’t forget: each preset reacts & has a different effect on each individual image (that depends on the light, white balance, color tone…). After you have placed one of the photo filters on a picture, we recommend you to edit it again briefly – a fine tuning.


>>> Click here to go to our Etsy shop, where you can buy the presets. <<<

What is included in the AROUND THE WORLD PRESET BUNDLE:

– 8 presets for Lightroom CC Classic and Photoshop CC (XMP files)

– 8 presets for Lightroom Mobile (iPhone & Android) (DNG files)

– PDF files with an installation guide (in German and English)


Desktop: The photo filters work for Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. The desktop presets have the ending. XMP Mobile: The mobile presets work with the Lightroom mobile app (the app is free. So you don’t need a subscription). The mobile presets have the extension .DNG and work with iPhone and Android.

If you follow the link on this page, you will come to our Etsy shop. You can buy the photo filters there. After your purchase, you will receive a download link from Etsy.

If you have any problems downloading the photo filters, please contact us. Or read through the „Installation Guide“, which will be sent to you as a PDF after purchase.


>>> Click here to go to our Etsy shop, where you can buy the photo filters. <<<

But what are presets anyway?

One or the other might wonder what these presets are anyway. Here is a brief explanation: Presets are literally translated as “photo filters” for editing photos. With these presets, for example, the brightness, the hue, the contrast, the saturation etc. are programmed to a certain strength – the photo is given a very special look.

Of course, after you have „placed“ one of the filters on a photo, you can edit your photo further and fine-tune it. We even recommend that to you! Because not every photo filter works equally well on every photo. That always depends on the light, the time of day at which the picture was taken and the camera or smartphone.

Our presets were designed primarily for landscape and drone shots and should help you edit your photos.

Here we show you a few before/after examples: