on the road

In this section you will find everything you should know before your Morocco roadtrip.
The best routes, the most adventurous off-road routes and all sorts of tips and tricks for camping in Morocco (see below).

















In Morocco you can find normal (paid) campsites only around the tourist hotspots.

Otherwise you can camp free/wild everywhere you like (outside of the cities of course). As long as you do not disturb the traffic or the residents, you won’t get any problems. Just be prepared to see some curious and enterprising locals drop by to sell you something. If you do not want to, you have to look for a far-off place that is not visible.
Of course, always: “LEAVE NO TRACE!”



Morocco has a well-developed network of roads. There are a few toll motorways, many highways and many more gravel pistes.

At the moment there is a veritable road-building boom in Morocco! Every day new roads are opened and slopes are asphalted. And due to the tar machines in Morocco run much faster than the printers in Europe, it may be that street descriptions in travel guides are often outdated. What used to be a bumpy mountain track can have become a broad asphalt track within just a few months.

In the cities there is always a lot of excitement and bustle on the streets. Here you have to drive with great care.
The medinas are usually completely closed to traffic.



Morocco has the same road rules and speed limits as ours in Europe. There are only a few racers.

But there are many other sources of danger on Morocco’s roads: donkey carts, hordes of cyclists (who do not pay attention to the cars), even larger hordes of pedestrians running all over the streets (here no one stops at zebra crossings), to the outermost edge and beyond loaded trucks (that like to tip in the strong crosswind), in desert areas sand drifts and in the mountains snow roads, which are not always cleared.

Especially at night you should not drive – many of the Moroccan vehicles also like to drive without light.


In Moroccan cities there are paid and guarded parking areas (usually outside the center and the gates of the medinas). Here, the prices vary greatly depending on the city (from 2-10 € per day).

If you leave your vehicle at a guarded parking lot, you can assume that nothing will happen to it. Nevertheless, of course, no valuables should be left in the car.